Applied Category Theory Check-in: Meeting #1

It’s time to get down and dirty with some abstract math… ok I lie a bit… I am attacking Category Theory from a programming perspective, via Haskell. That being said, Hask is simply one category. Thus, by understanding this category concretely, with a view into its innerds, I will set a strong foundation for bridging out into the abstract abyss.
Category Theory really excites me for many reasons! Here is a incomplete list:

  1. I may finally understand some of the coolest (insert douchy cs-bro smirk) parts of Haskell
  2. I get to utilize my math minor (yes Leo, I am silently thanking you for not giving up on my in Real Analysis)
  3. The internet claims an understanding of Category Theory may open up my mind to a new way of organizing thought (a whole new world view, etc. etc.)
  4. Some say this is an interesting threshold of some of the most abstract math and some of the most interesting cs PL stuffs…

The Independent Study

This Spring, under the guidance of Professor Dale Skrien, I will be completing a study of Category Theory independently, where I will read, research, code, etc. and check-in weekly with my advisor. These check-ins will predominantly be “here is what I learned this week” and will consist of a Google Drive Presentation. I realized these presentations are a good source of content for weekly blog posts… thus, expect a weekly post on here for the next three or four months, until the completion of my study. Exciting times lie ahead!


Week 1

This week is just an intro into why I am interested in Category Theory and an overview of my plan for attack. Not too much going on here. Here is a link to the presentation: presentation link