M27 through a Nebula Lens - brighter and better!

I was joined by my brother for the beginning of this observation session, however the first place we tried, up to a hill we used to do workouts up in high school was too windy, cloudy and light polluted, and the second hid most of what I wanted to see behind trees. So, after saying hello to the local barn owls, I ended up back at my usual spot.

owl in tree

I don’t think I have yet shared a picture of my full tripod and mount setup. Here it is along with my green camp chair and on the hill, my typical Dublin viewing spot.

telescope setup

Today I was hoping to see the comet, no luck, and a new nebula… also no luck. However, I did have some fun with my dgm Nebula filter. It didn’t do a whole lot to the Andromeda Galaxy or to the Hercules Globular Cluster. However, it did make the Dumbbell much more noticable. Of course it was not bright green like NASA images, however it did go from a faint, hazzy smudge to something much more pronounced! This is quite cool because just a couple days ago I was trying to show this nebula to my dad and he really couldn’t even see it. Excited to see what other Nebulas suddenly become visible, or even more visible than before!