Right above Enif: Pegasus Globular Cluster

With one of my two precision, slow control handles on my Vixen Porta II mount pretty much disfunctional and the NeoWise comet still hidden, it was a bit of a rough start. The area I observe in is also highly light polluted, so even though I can see the brightest stars, since I have a reflector and star hop, it can be hard to find anything way out on its own. So, a large chunk of my time was the unsuccessful star hopping, hopping to see X nebula because Y person on quora said it’s an easy find with binoculars.

That being said, I did see the usual suspects:

I certainly had some fun with the Dumbbell nebula today. For kicks I tried a combination of my 8-24mm eyepiece on top of my 2x barlow, my nightglow filter, AND my Nebula filter. It did not really add a whole lot, but I was able to see a faint green in the blur that filled my eyepiece (x163 magnification).

The highlight of the night was spotting the Pegasus Globular Cluster. To spot this you find Enif, I love my orangish stars (cough cough Mirach), and then go up. At first I was not quite sure I found it. It is a bit larger than a star and fuzzy. However, after checking out this super useful website which simulates what objects look like with your equipment, I am confident I can qualify this as a successful spot.