A Triple Double

RE: yesterday’s post about lack of magnification of my telescope. I realized that since I’ve been utilizing my 25mm most of the time, I get 26x lol! So yes, at this magnification, my father’s binoculars are in fact quite competitive. Once I get the 2x barlow and 10mm, I get up to 130x.

After checking out NeoWise (obligatory first observation, especially since today was supposed to be the bightest), I went down the usual list of “what’s the easiest DSO to see”…. today was all about double stars thanks to this Cloudy Nights thread for inspiration.

Alibiero Double Star

The coolest one of the night was definitely Albiero. Albiero is a bright orange star paired with a smaller blue one. To find it, I started with the right most side of Lyra’s parallelogram (the one containing M57), went a tad bit right, then went straight down. It is quite hard to miss.

Mizar and Alcor

You’ve probably seen this one… you just did not realize it. Alcor is the second-to-last star in the tail of Ursa Major.

Enif - Pendulum Star

I’ve actually been looking at this one quite a lot recently, as the landmark closest to M15. It turns out it is also a double star. More specifically, it is known as Epsilon Pegasi and is interesting because it is an example of the Pulrich Effect. Basically, as better explained here, there is an optical illusion where Enif appears to move in an osciallting pattern relative to its double.

Some Random Pictures

First and foremost, I recently purchased a flexible, slow motion handle. While this is certainly an upgrade, I mainly purchased it because one of the plastic handles that came with my Vixen Porta II mount “broke”. By “broke” I mean the tension pin inside it was lost - I thought some electrical tape would fix it, but I did not have any luck. Here is my setup with the new handle:

new handle setup

I also had some fun trying out the barlow with my lunar glow filter AND nebula filter on my 10mm eyepiece. This is the second time I have tried this… worked just as well as last time.

barlow and all my filters

Finally, I am pretty sure I saw someone scrounging through what was either donations or giveaways of someones - a pile of old chairs and what not on the curb. It seemed a bit suspicious, but I did not feel like I should abandon my telescope and run after this guy. Here is an image of the person near his car.

man near car