Astrophotography Day 1: Only the Biggest and Brightest

Ok, so let me lay it out there, I have a VERY suboptimal AP (Astrophotography) setup. From my littel bit of research, I have come to believe a good AP setup consists of:

I have:

However, if I get even remotely good images of anything (besides the moon of course) it will be a super satisfying win… plus this camera is actually super cool:


Target 1: Jupiter

Looking back, I am not sure why I didn’t first go for the moon * shrug *. Anyway, Jupiter actually came out pretty well. In the image below, the moons are clearly visible. It turns out after all the doubt that my Barlow is helpful and 2 weeks of being convinced it was a piece of crap (since I paid < $30 and got a Moon filter with it on Amazon) I actually was not able to focus until I attached it. You go $30 Barlow, you go! This image is stacked, with AutoStakkert. I do not really have much experience with stacking, nor have I done any reading since my moon stacking project in high school… so there is a lot of room for improvement here. In fact, I have done almost no reading on AP at all, so I like to believe I have a lot of potential for improvement here in general :)

Jupiter stacked

Target 2: Moon

After figuiring out I needed to focus, especially since I had tossed on the Barlow, I actually was able to see lots of craters in the moon - it was one of those this sh#t is awesome moments. Unfortunately my stacking skills are still very subpar… so my stacked image came out worse than just turning the AVI into a Gif. Here is the gif I came up with, thanks to

moon gif