Double Double No Cheese

Today was a bit of a show and tell with my brother. I first showed him the camera, we looked at the Moon for a bit (never gets old) and then I showed him the three double stars (the same three I showed my dad yesterday). Feeling ambitious, we then checked out a couple more and were actually able to find them (shouldn’t be surprising because it turns out you can actually more or less see them - as single stars - with your naked eye). First we saw Polaris. It took some looking but we found the double star, bottom diagnol. It was small, but bright, reminding me of Jupiter’s moons. Then we checked out the “Double Double” or Epsilon Lyrae. It is two double stars right next to eachother. I am not 100% sure I saw the double (I think I did… but I also knew what I was looking for and wanted to see if that makes sense). Just gunna call it anyway :)