Full Moon - Stich it up with Photoshop

Since today was a full moon, it did not seem like a good day to stargaze (I could hardly see much beyond the brightest stars like the summer triangle), so I tried to stich together separate moon images into a single picture. TLDR my photoshop skils are not great… but what I got ended up pretty cool.


My original plan here was to stack and then stich together on Photoshop, adjusting brightness as needed. Turned out even the little gusts of wind knocked my telescope enough so that the images captured were horribly unaligned and stacking wasn’t working properly (I just had the thought that maybe I need more images to account for err… that thought may be incorrect). So, I resorted to taking off my barlow and just snapshotting single images. I’ll be honest, I missed a small chunk of the right side of the full moon. To get rid of the most eggregious mistakes, I tossed on some makeup (gray brush tool to the rescue!).