First planet picture - Jupiter.

Tonight my brother and I set out to:

  1. capture a photo of a planet
  2. see the dumbbell nebula

Turns out with the moon down for the beginning of observing even a light polluted sky reveals quite a bit. The planet of choice was Jupiter - it was super bright and in an easy to observe position, somewhere between 15-25 degrees above the horizon. By adjusting the barrell of my AWB Onesky, we hacked the planet into a reasonable state. That being said it was still quite out of focus - may be due to imperfect colmination of the secondary mirror, we are not sure. However, you can see some of the moons!


After this, we decided to try again in our quest to observe a nebula besides M57. Unfortunately we failed. This was due to a combination of things:

  1. unsure how big/small the nebula would appear through the telescope
  2. the faintness of Sagita, a close constellation
  3. lack of precision when moving telescope from closest landmark
  4. uncertainty around the distance of nebula from landmark

We also failed to find Pluto, for some of the same reasons. However, pluto may actually be harder to spot - there is no “this could be seen through Binoculars” in the description of pluto. I am determined to find something, so I am planning to try again tomorrow.