First Cloudy Night & Tripod Upgrade?


Well, I kinda look more hardcore now because I’ve upgraded from the AWB Onesky’s included wooden frame to a (nice) tripod!

That being said, I have not figured it out in the slightest. The weight distribution is way off because of where the telescope barrell mounts. While this does not mean its totally in danger of tipping over, it does make it really hard to aim (and even harder to aim because the scope/guider is on the side now). That being said, I have hopes this will work out.


Since I had some troubles adjusting the tripod and it was quite cloudy, I really only was able to point the telescope at large, bright things (hence the airplane… which technically was not a first, but it was my first during an observation at night). So, I pointed at Jupiter. Don’t get me wrong, Jupiter is really cool and seeing Jupiter’s moons never gets old, however I am definitely looking forward to observing some new things. For fun I tried to capture Jupiter. Again, without a smartphone mount, this did not go super well.