Hello Internet World

Hello Internet!


As the first of many blog posts to come, I figuired it’d be a good idea to introduce myself and this blog. I will do this through an informal and a self-imposed question and answer session, like AMA but in a world where its just me and questions can only be asked via GIF’s.

Who the heck are you?

Ah yes, good question. I am a dual HS diploma wielding, Reddit reading, open source contributing, barbell lifting, California dreaming, second-hand herping, part-time meditating, Silicon Valley bingeing, Italian food craving, outdoor exploring, human being. Yep.

Or more formally:

data Rob_Durst = Colby College Student |
                 Stellar Development Foundation Intern | 
                 Gym Enthusiast | 
                 Northern California Resident

Note: since humans cannot yet exist in multiple places at once, the above is semantically correct, I am at most one of these things at any given time.

Where am I?

Well, I do not know where on earth you are, but that rambling jibberish on your screen, that’s my blog. While the url clearly says robdurst.com, you are in fact actually at the Make Run blog. Confusing, I know, but believe it or not the two are correlated. This is the official blog of me, Rob Durst. The significance of the title is that this summer I will be an intern with the Stellar Development Foundation, working on Stellar Core, hence C++ and make files. I will also be working out quite a bit, training to hopefully walk on to the Colby Track team next Fall, hence run. See what I did there…

What to expect?

That is not really a question, but I see what you’re getting at. What should you, as the reader, expect?

To begin, you should expect entirely too many gif’s. I have found that, when a talk, lecture, article, blog post, etc. edges close to the golden gif to text ratio, it becomes more enjoyable and is better received.

In all seriousness, the point of this blog is to candidly blog (or more like log) something I learn every day this summer. Oh yes, one of those blogs… I know how cliche. Truth be told, this blog is more for me than for you. I did this sort of thing last year as I read through The Rust Programming Language and I ended up actually learning a bit about Rust everyday, finishing the book in its entirety by the end of the summer. So, let’s see if I can learn 100 things in 100 days?!?!

What will I learn? Mostly coding stuff, but also some pretty cool other stuff – this summer I am hoping to learn how to surf and even how to drive (do not ask how old I am :) ).

So if any of this sounds interesting, follow along!